Tuesday, January 10, 2006


As many of you know I was the character designer on Boondocks season1. Iam happy to say it was picked up for a 2nd season but I am now @Cartoon Network and actually much happier for many reasons. Here are some Riley expressions we sent overseas for reference for the Korean animators....enjoy


St John Street said...

Hey david just dropped in to see what you've been up to great work as always, I really appreciated your help the suggestion were right on the money I'll do my best to keep your advice handy at all times and I hope to continue to get your knowledge passed my way. stop by if u have the time
please thanks peace and all the best again this year with everything

Ink Monkey said...

Looking good man. I always like seeing what you've got going on over here.

St John Street said...

hey D just wanted u to check out my new blog of life drawings if u have the time at http://drawnfromlife.blogspot.com/ take care