Tuesday, April 18, 2006


hey ya'll, here is my memory sketch from this Monday's group . Hit up a new spot this time, Portos Bakery and Deli here in Burbank, as you can see, a great watering hole for us artists. I usually take more time on these and splash in some color, but work has been a little busy lately
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    Hans said...

    Lol great character, would love to hear him talk! Thanks for the comment and the link, will gladly return the favor:). I envy you having had the pleasure of working with Marcelo, he is certainly a great talent and a very generous person. So what studio are you at now?
    I'm really hooked on moving out to Cali myself and will be sending my portfolio around within the next few weeks. There's not much going on over here and I miss being around other like minded artists. Need more challenge and inspiration!

    Take care,


    David Colman said...

    let me know when you want to submit over here @Cartoon Network.... I will guide it to the right hands