Friday, May 26, 2006

a different Foot

Here is a preliminary design of Bigfoot for Class of 3000. He only shows up in the bg in one episode so since it is a minor incidental felt it was okay to post. I really tried to come up w/a new take on a Sasquatch. Not your typical, generic, mundane Harry and The Hendersons giant hairy beast who looks human like. I just tried to address one thing, big feet.
Chen-Yi Chang once said that you need to respect your subject, don't just rely on your imagination or else your characters will always end up looking the same. So I tried to be atypical in my thought process. Marcelo Vignali also taught me to not refer too to other designs b/c you want to create something new, close the book and give it your own take.

Hope ya'll like my approach here.


St John Street said...

These designs are awesome D love your steeze

crylic said...

Oh nice stuff man, great flow in the bigfoot drawing.

David Colman said...


Hans said...

lol He's awesome and definitely not seen before! Very nice lines and good advice on designing characters.
Love the little racoon fellow too, I envy your design skills!


animationGiant said...

Good design! I like your thought process about respecting your subject. I remember Cen saying something like that in his Character Design Blog interview. I find myself stuck using my favorite shapes for very different characters. So I appreciate your advice. If you would like, please check out my blog and tell me what you think.