Monday, June 05, 2006


This is the most recent memory sketch from last weeks meeting of
  • SketchCub_EAST

    LeSean Thomas said...

    Sick, man, that blue "self-line" really makes this pop!

    * BTW, i saw your cameo on some coverage on
    'Class of 3k' at , you superstar! Don't make me come over there! hahaha!

    keep inspiring man,


    Niccolò said...

    It's really funny, i want to see moore of your works!
    I'll come back.

    Patrick Costa said...

    Very cool, I love it. The man never ceases to impress!

    Hans said...

    LOL That's awesome! Very cool design and great coloring. I like the blue outline.


    Patrick Morgan said...

    Hilarious dude!

    Frankie Stellato said...

    LoL dude you do a lot of posting! :D Awesome :)


    sweet! diggin your style on this.

    animationGiant said...

    Great drawing Dave! Where do you get these ideas? You are always consistent on all of your posts man. On the real, it pushes me dude.

    How did you get that blue line effect?

    David Colman said...


    -My ideas, well I am just crazy like that and try to be as inventive as possible, the idea is one thing, executing is another.
    -Blue line, well I recently have been using sketchbook pro @ work...and usually in production I draw w/red and blue col-erase as I go over my in essence I just changed my pen color to blue;ya know so many people have been commenting on that lately and it was not intentional, it was just the color I had selected @ that time.

    thanx again....great stuff as always.. I love your flash drawing btw

    Lubomir said...

    Fun character, great designs all around :)

    lostinarc said...

    it's really beutifull creation i ever the blue out line....great work..