Friday, February 24, 2006

lifting weights

just a page of 1 min gesture sketches from Friday's class....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Death Sketch

Here are some sketches I did while waiting for my car @Jiffy Lube awhile back... Nothing impressive just liked how loose they came out.... just let my pen go and see what I would come up with.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memory Sketch Feb 13th 2006

Here is the memory sketch from this past Monday

Well, we all spotted this guy while leaving Costco on Mon Feb 13th.... He was a gorilla of a man who defnitely knew sometiing was up as our group kept staring him down. He protected his vegetarian meal as if it was the last bit of plant life in the hazy jungle.... afraid we were stalking his lunch for the taking...Poor sap, never even saw this coming....

I am still laughing...

Andre 3000 Project

For those of you who dont know I am currently @Cartoon Network as Character Design Supervisor/Lead on a new show w/the well known and highly influential and artistic Andree 3000 from Outkast(Andre Benjamin) We are currently in production over here and I love it!!!!! I left Boondocks after completing season 1 and came over here to try and establish myself in this great studio. Glad I did too b/c things have been going well. They have ordered 12 more scripts already just based on the artwork, so thats a point in the plus column for me. I cannot post the current style of the show as our exec prod is very tight lipped about this. However, here I have posted one of the development pieces I did way back when. In no way does this piece reflect what our show looks like,(therefore feel it is ok to post).... the piece here would exist more in an action show and we are a musical comdey genre.

Anyway, thought ya'll might enjoy this.



Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wondercon 2006, Verdict.....Success!!!

Well, my first appearance @Wondercon 2006 went off w/a bang. I want to extend my gratitude to all my fans I got to meet and the new fans I earned. To those I inspired and in turn inspire me, a big thank you. I really appreciated everyone's comments and surprised by all the praise I received. I got to meet some great people through it all. I finally got to meet Cheeks, and we got to trade books. I also met some friends of friends, including Ed and Octavio, through John Nevarez, Patrick Morgan, and Jose Lopez. If you dont know of these guys' work check it out. See the astounding and awe inspiring work of John Nevarez here;
Then a big congrats to Patrick Morgan and Ed for the completion of their Whaleboy maquette, check it out on Patrick's blog
..Drumroll please..... Jose Lopez is coming out w/his own book. We have been salivating @ the arrival of this book so a big thank you...Mariachi Samurai will blow you all away... check out Jose's blog here;

Some other great things from Wondercon 2006, while setting up Sat AM, a warm hearted gentleman rolled up w/his family in tow to admire my work and the compliments were abundant. Upon him purchasing my book I bent down to sign it and saw his badge, it was Mike Mignola!!I was totally flattered that one of the greats bought my book, a true compliment and a great way to start the day!!! Not only a talented chap but a kind fellow.
I sold quite a few books through Stuart Ng as well; Thank you Stuart for spreading my illness throughout the world.
I also want to say thank you to Redmachine comics for whom was my neighbor @ the Con who took these great photos. Two really great guys, Bryan and Troy, check them out here

Also a big shout to a new artist to our realm. Daniel Davis w/ Steamcrow press and his new book Caught Creatures. An amazing artist and a friendly, warm and funny individual. His wife Donna is as wonderful as Daniel is too. Check out his work here
Of course a few more thanx to the local art students in SF, a motivated class who were nothing but grateful for every ounce of advice I passed on to them, I will check out as many bogs and sites as possible, from Jesskat to a a few others....

I wish Mr. Stephen Silver the best of luck when he exhibits @ the Con in NYC @ the end of this month. I know you all are aware of this master, but check him out if you are not.

Lets all treat this as a great experience and I look forward to exhibiting next year w/my self publsihed book, due out @ the end of 2006.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wondercon 2006

WONDERCON 2006_be sure to stop by you crazy kids!!!
Hey kids!!!!I will be exhibiting @Wondercon 2006 @ the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I am just spitting it out to let all of those who might be showing up, that I am going to be @SP11 (small press area)..... I will be listed as always, David's Doodles.
Please stop by and introduce yourself to a fellow art geek... I will have my sketchbooks for sale, as well as some Doodles' Dames T-shirts, limited edition prints(some new ones too) and the debut of my Haven Poster-signed by the artist, yes...that's me!!!
Even if you just want to chat please roll on through.... peace


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recent Memory Sketches

Check out the link to our sketch club @ the right to see what this is all about

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

lunch sketches

just a page from sketchbook form Monday's session @costco.... I love using pen b/c it allows me to stay loose and explore shapes and expression a little more. @ the same time it forces me to think...afterall, drawing is more thinking then actual drawing...