Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pig Invasion @Disney!

Yesterday Disney brought in some pigs and 2 piglets for some opportunity drawing on the back grassy area. They were for a project the interns are working on but were made available for everybody to draw.I have never drawn a farm pig before,I have just drawn a horned warthog once, so these sketches are really my first attempt @ observing this animal closeup.I love when Disney olds these special drawing opportunities-a real treat!


andy said...

These look awesome, great sketches!

Playkill said...

Cool! Man was the piglet that small compared to the pig?

&Rew said...

those are aces David. i think i drew a pig once because the girl i was seeing loved pigs, which i suppose explains why she was seeing me. ^___^


Doomsday said...

Solid! absolute gorgeous work!

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Thats awesome they bring in real animals. I remember hearing disney did that but wasn't to sure if they were still giving those sort of opportunities still. That would be allot of fun. Congrats on the Emmy by the way.


Take Care.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice man!!! Great studies.


Process Junkie said...

Hmm, hmmmn good!

Alikins said...

fantastic sketches! how cool to get to see them up close :)

... you won an emmy??? wow! congratulations! :)

Karla said...

wow how lucky!!! it's so cool to draw animals in live!!!
those pigs are awsome!!!!
you're my hero!


cgyoung said...

Awe!...theses are fantastic..
love em. Great blog you got here. Inspiring stuff!!