Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Something from my book

Here is a piece I did exclusively for my new book...which is doing really well, in only 3 weeks, have sold over 400 copies.... Lets keep it going b/c I am surprised....very lucky to be doing this well....waiting for the other shoe to drop..

Now that I look @ this I realize something...man I draw a lot of giraffes; I guess its b/c ...like elephants, they have a lot of character..


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boondocks development....Season one

Sorry I havent kept on my posting consistently lately, with the new book out and taking on some freelance I have not had much time. Thank you to all who came out to Wondercon and Wizard LA, it was great to meet some of the blogging community in person... Thank you to all of those who have bought my book only to compliment me greatly on this publication..... I am quite proud of it.

Anywho, here is a sample sheet of some oldie but goodie development I did for Boondocks Season one...... I say season one b/c I know the style has changed for Season 2, regardless, I still like these sketches...


Monday, March 12, 2007

Limited print for those who pre-ordered......

Here is the drawing I did exclusively for the preorder of my book. For those of you who have yet to receive your book this is the print that will be sitting inside the cover, awaiting your eyes....
This print will never be available @ any show,convention or otherwise....it was an exclusive for the fans. Someday the original will be sold...until then...enjoy..

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Art Show_David Colman

Well after a very successful exhibition @Wondercon 2007 w/my new book The Art of Animal Character Design, currently available @
  • David's Doodles Store

  • I came back to Cartoon Network w/only one day to get ready for my art show and book signing, here @ the studio.
    The art show too was a big hit.. @ one point there were over a 100 people....or so I am told.. as I was busy schmoozin and welcoming people I had not seen in a long time. It was nice to see some of my industry peers like Octavio Rodriguez, Louie Del Carmen, Patrick Morgan, Mike Collins and family,the omnipresent Mark McDonnell, Andres Alavarez.... and honored to have the likes of the great Paul Felix and Dean Yeagle roll through. Even Thomas Perkins and Bob McKnight managed to stroll on through.....
    Not to mention my always supportive family and friends....and my loving Susan, who sat beside my side to manage the credit card machine which thankfully was creatin smoke by how many cards it was running...Luckily she switched off w/my friends mother Cheri, also manning the machine.
    A very special thank you to Joe Horne for spinnin such great tunes throughout the evening....and to Cartoon Network for sponsoring the event.

    There was also a chance for the CNS employees to sign up for a new class I am teaching starting next week, here @ the studio. An animal character design class taught during lunch time. The class filled up quite fast.... I am very excited that so many employees are interested. It will be a great class!

    Thank you to everyone who came by and showed their support.... I really appreciate all those who attended..

    These are a few pics from the show,,,..... the photographer apologizes for the blurriness of some photos.