Thursday, May 07, 2009

My interview with Visual Storytellers

....check out link below(or on the right margin of this page) to hear my interview....
(This pic has nothing to do w/the interview...any resemblance to any living or breathing thing is purely coincidental)

  • Interview with Visual Storytellers

    maddalena carrai said...

    good interview!WOW new york yankees!yeah!

    Amanda said...

    Just wanna say your work is excelent!
    A reference to me, one of those mere mortals who dream of becoming real arstists : )
    I've just created a blog, I'd love if you could check it out someday! Thanks already and congratulations for your work!

    Hans said...

    Hey David,

    Great interview! Very inspiring and informative. Haha, I liked how you pointed out, that you weren't the man behind the notorious "dead eyes" in Polar Express.

    Wild guess here...are you from NY??

    See you soon,