Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My son.....finishing up

Here is a spread from my sketchbook. I started the head piece of Capone, my son, on the left during my exhibit up @Calgary Expo last month. I started the sketch phases on the right side of the spread @ that same time but just got around to adding the watercolor tint this past Memorial Day weekend, relaxing @ the Spa @ a resort in Palm Springs, celebrating my one year anniversary w/my lovely wife, Susan. I am grateful to have married an amazing person who allows me to do my thing no matter where we are.(But dont fret...our time togethr dominated the weekend...not my sketchbook :)

Anyway, my point here is that you should always bring a piece to completion when you intended to finish it up from the get go; even if it means opening the sketchbook back to that same page somewhere down the line. Not to say as artists we all leave things unfinished, both intentionally and unintentionally, just dont be afraid to go back to something you started so long ago if you wanted to take it to a level of completion when you first started it.