Monday, August 10, 2009

Fuel for Art_ebook

There are many of us artists out there who strive for excellence in our own work; we are always pushing to the next level and trying to better ourselves through our craft. However, it is not just about working on our trade but also becomes about marketing ourselves to the community; more importantly its about getting our art out there. Well how does one do that? Most artists are introverted and just wait in the shadows to be discovered. The reality is this will not work. I have been marketing my own work for years now but even I could use a little advice now and then. Well I am here to tell you about a new ebook titled ""Fuel for Art" by Gino Orlandi. This ebook is filled with vital knowledge to help market yourself as an artist. The channels he provides you with to help sell your art are more valuable then just anything you hear from a friend or a news show. He discussses branding, trademarking, finding a niche market and tons of other important advice for the artist trying to get oneself out there and start selling his/her own work. I am constantly asked how did I learn to market myself, how did I start discovering my path in the art commodity market,so on and so forth. Well, Fuel For Art is the tool you need. This ebook will surely help get you on your way. I know it has only given me even more insight into marketing my own craft to society. A true inspirational and important piece of literature for today's artist. Just go to the following links below to download the book today

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