Thursday, February 11, 2010

VIGNALI in your pocket!

I would like to you to meet Marcelo Vignali. If you dont know his work, well, you should. A mentor of mine while working @Sony and now a good friend, Marcelo's work graces the screen of so many animated films from Mulan and Lilo and Stitch to Open Season and Surf's Up. He is one of the top art directors, production designers and visual development artists in the animation industry. He has become more familiar to the mass public in recent years through his blog
  • and his constant postings of his Sketchclub drawings and previous professional work. Well now you can own a piece of his amazing images with his first official publication, made for the digital era, his own iphone/itouch app sketchbook titled " Sketchclub" (volume one) His work has been an inspiration to me long before we became good friends and now you too can enjoy the genius craft of my friend and mentor Marcelo Vignali.

    Just go to
  • to buy it today for only $2.99!!! 30 images for only $2.99? What a deal! All ready to go in your pocket on your iphone or itouch.


    maddalena carrai said...

    Yeah!great idea!I'll buy it and put it on my Iphone!Surely!

    Marcelo Vignali said...

    Thanks for the plug Coh!

    Peter Oedekoven said...

    Nice Dragondoodles!!!

    Adrian Lubbers said...

    Hey David. I love the spontenaity of your watercolors. You've inspired me to continue using them again as a "study" medium.

    AshleyArt89 said...

    I love the way the this character is portryaed and the water colors really bring the textures to life.

    Tooninator said...

    I love this doodle