Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iphone and itouch app sketchbook

Hey is a quick video showing you all the oooey goooey goodness that my iphone app sketchbook has to offer.
Available at


    Qnoi said...

    i wish i had an iphone...T_T buhuhuhuhuh.. greaaaaattttttttt workssssss..!! loovve them..^^

    Lauren Thomas said...

    Bah, I don't have an iPhone but I'd gladly pay you 2.99$ for the watercolor info. I have the same water color luxury pocket box as you!

    pandapants said...

    Same, I wish I had an iphone. I'd definitely buy this.. your art is so inspiring.

    Mark McDonnell said...

    LOVE it . . . looks great my man! What a find, I hope everyone realizes how lucky they are to see your process . . . and, "appropriate" a portion of it.



    Michael said...

    Demonstration on iphone app using different plugin associated with it.

    Joseph Ma said...

    Hi David, love your work. I was trying to buy this app, but I searched App store had no results?