Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Limited Sale for Davids Doodles ends 4/18/12 1159pm

In honor of tax time and an equally tough economy I am offering a 3 day sale on select store items. "The Art of Character Design Volume 1" and "Animal Character Design: Grizzly Bears" are 40% off the doodles store price AND FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! So you can get the DVD and book for $12.00 each and free shipping ANYWHERE. Here's what you have to do, email my assistant directly:
davidcolmanassistant@gmail.com and mention the 3 day sale offer. Do NOT go through the store as this is a limited offer and sales have to be handled individually with paypal.
You can check out descriptions of the products at www.davidsdoodles.com and amazon.com


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Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Bought both items today : )
Much heart from Australia down under!