Sunday, July 22, 2012

RIP Capone 9/11/01-7/20/12

I lost my best friend on Friday morning the 20th of July at 1130AM. His time had come and I am very thankful he did not suffer. There was no extended slow decline of quality of life-it all happened suddenly and took him quickly. I miss you so much buddy. You lived to love and I will own many more dogs in my life but none will be as wonderful as you;such a giant personality and a real cuddle monkey- a big 95 lb one- ;). You made my life so much better and I did the same for you this I am sure of. I rescued you 9 years ago from a shortened life and stuck in a cage with some mean dogs-we never looked back. You made so many people happy and will forever be in the hearts of so many. You were so good to my family and especially to our little angel Charlotte-now 16 months old. Its because of you she loves all dogs. I showed her a picture of you yesterday and she said "Pone" and then was looking for you. It broke my heart. But I know it was time for you to leave and even you knew it. I dreaded this day, it has now come and I must move on but I have so many funny and wonderful memories that I consider myself lucky to have ever had such a wonderful dog like you. A piece of my heart vanished on Friday but my heart has so much more love inside because of you. I love you Capone....always and forever.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hoorah for Jaha

Rough color design for Master Jaha for Kaijudo. Watch it Saturdays on the HUB